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Water & Sewer Services

Bartlett Municipal Water Service as well as Cook County Sewage services are included in our monthly association dues.  As the building is master metered, there are no individual water meters on our units.  Our water bill currently averages about $700 per month for our 16 units, or about $43.75 per unit per month for the 2010 calender year.


Waste removal services are included in our monthly association dues.  We currently contract with Allied Waste Services for weekly service.  The garbage chute for the building is located in the upstairs hallway across from unit #209.  Please be sure to bag all items to be disposed of.  In the event that you may have any large items to dispose of, please contact the building manager at 847-867-9566 to make proper arrangements.  Please do not force large items into the garbage chute as it will clog.  Please be considerate of your neighbors and do not leave any items in the garbage room.

Unit Improvement & Maintenance Services

Unit owners can contact Sutter Executive Properties at 847-867-9566 for any maintenance items or improvements that may be needed in your unit.  Sutter Executive offers services ranging from painting and "handyman" repairs to construction services such as unit buildouts.  Their team of professionals include many of the workers that were involved in the original construction of the building.

Property Tax Appeals

In conjunction with our property mangement contract, Sutter Executive Properties assists each of our unit owners with appealing and working to reduce our property tax liabilities.  Over the last two years we have been successful by having our property tax assessments reduced by about 15%.  This process requires a combined knowledge of the working of the Cook County Assessor's Office as well as the Cook County Board of Review.  For more information, you can visit both the Cook County Assessor's Website as well as the Cook County Board of Review's Website to find out more about the property tax appeal process.

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