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Parking Registration & Payment

The Bartlett Town Center Lofts Condominium Association owns the parking lot surrounding the building at 241 S. Main Street in Bartlett, IL.

Each residential Loft unit comes with one dedicated and numbered parking space which can be found near the South entrance of the building.  This is the main elevator entrance to the BTC Loft building.

Bartlett Town Center residents in need of additional parking must will incur a monthly permit fee of $75 per additional parking spot.  The Bartlett Town Center Lofts Association accepts payments via Paypal.

Payments can be made by either clicking the Paypal icon at the bottom of this page, or after submitting your registration information, you will be directed to a Paypal payment screen.

Once registration is received and payment is made, a e-mail will be sent to you with your dedicated parking spot number.  You must park in your assigned parking spot.  Failure to do so will result in your vehicle being towed or booted.  The BTC Lofts Association does not provide security and is not responsible for the safety of your vehicle or belongings.  Please be sure to remove valuables from your vehicles and keep your vehicle doors locked at all times.

BTC Lofts Parking Lot Vehicle Registration Form

Any resident or commuter requesting use of the Bartlett Town Center Lofts parking lot must register their vehicles.  Upon receiving registration information, your vehicle will be recorded in our database.  Lease terms are valid from the first day to the last day of each month.  Any unregistered vehicles will be either towed or booted at the vehicle owners expense.  Parking fees unpaid by the 5th of each month will result in your vehicle being either towed or booted.  In the event your vehicle is towed, please contact Redmon's Towing in Elgin at 847-895-6162 for vehicle retrieval.  For boot removal, please call Sutter Executive Properties at 847-798-4628.  We accept Paypal for payment.

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Click on the Paypal icon below to make a payment.

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